Welcome to Vibrasys, The Exclusive North American Distributor of CEMB Balancing Machines and Vibration Measuring Products.
Welcome to Vibrasys, The Exclusive North American Distributor of CEMB Balancing Machines and Vibration Measuring Products.
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Welcome to Vibrasys, The Exclusive North American Distributor of CEMB Balancing Machines and Vibration Measuring Products.

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Press Releases
Tri-Way Test and Assembly Systems Debuts at IMTS 2004
New company can provide turnkey assembly, product balancing, and testing systems.

IMTS Booth #D-4446: Tri-Way Test and Assembly Systems (Macomb Township, MI) is a brand new resource for component manufacturers throughout North America. With core engineering, manufacturing, and systems implementation of customized test and assembly systems from its Michigan facility, the new company also offers technologies for vibration analysis and product balancing operations through strategic alliances from Europe.

Tri-Way Test and Assembly Systems’ main markets have been automotive OEMs and part suppliers. Under its previous name, TNT Machine Inc., its Michigan operations have been providing functional test systems for ABS modules, axles, transmissions, transfer cases, and engines since 1995. Product offerings also include many configurations of customized leak testing and a patent-pending bearing pre-load process that can provide substantial cost savings to axle manufacturers.

Today, as the exclusive North American distributor for CEMB (Mandello del Lario, Italy), Tri-Way Test and Assembly Systems will enhance their portfolio of products to both automotive and non-automotive markets. CEMB is a world leader in vertical and horizontal balancing machines and systems, and has been represented throughout North America by VibraSys, Inc. (W. Babylon, NY), since 1997.

As a result of the new distribution agreement with Tri-Way Test and Assembly, VibraSys has become part of Tri-Way and provides balancing solutions for industries including automotive, aerospace, appliance, pulp and paper, pump impeller, and virtually any other precision rotating parts. CEMB balancing machines range in size from tabletop units to those capable of balancing twenty-ton assemblies.

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Understanding and Applying Unbalance Theory
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Understanding and Applying Unbalance Theor
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Central New Jersey Area
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Featured Equipment

The VTB15/V is a hard bearing balancing machine designed specifically for single or two plane balancing of tools and toolholders used in high speed machining.

Centerport, NY: VibraSys is the Master Distributor for CEMB toolholder balancing machines, featuring the VTB15-M. This latest version from CEMB features a pneumatically activated draw bar for precise toolholder clamping , especially for HSK type adapters, and a CRT monitor that provides easy to read graphics. The overall versatility of this machine is enhanced by numerous features designed to simplify the task of balancing toolholders, such as a tolerance calculator, a laser pointer to identify the angle of unbalance on the part, and a vector splitting program for when weights have to be added at more than one location. The model VTB15M also has features such as:
Automatic tooling compensation
Storage for up to 250 part set-ups
Adapters for most HSK and standard tapers
Balancing program to reposition fixed weights
Recalculation of unbalance into the required depth of a drilled hole
Optional printer and/or built in Ethernet connection

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